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Xi’an Huashun Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd.

Electronic products, Instrumentation, Measuring Equipment, Research, Manufact...

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Company Profile
    Xi’an Huashun Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of sensors and sensor-based systems, specializing in providing instrumentation with measurement and control for continuous liquid level and magnetic measurement for shipyards and land-based industries worldwide.

Since 2001, our reputation is built on high standards of dependability and product quality backed by responsive customer service and competent technical support. We are selling our solutions and products to the main markets globally including the USA, Pan-Europe and Asia-pacific countries and having great selling record and long-term cooperation with local partners. Moreover, we are honored to be the official vendor for many world-known enterprises and institutes.

Our product range now embraces liquid level control series and magnetic product series. The family of liquid level series includes portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator, external ultrasonic liquid level meter and external ultrasonic liquid level controller. They all use the innovative non destructive measurement function, which is based on patent ultrasonic technology to measure or control level safely without touching the container. We design, manufacture and market the best level measurement and control instruments for your petrochemical applications.

Company Files
Company Name: Xi’an Huashun Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd. Company Type: Enterprise unit ( traders )
Area: Xi‘an Company Size:
Capital: 1000万RMB Registered Year: 2001
Business Model: traders
Business Scope: Electronic products, Instrumentation, Measuring Equipment, Research, Manufacture, Sales and Technique Consulting, Service of External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter, Goods export and import(excluding the forbidden and limited by the Nation )
Machinery & Electronics
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