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Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Company Profile
        The shaanxi construction Machinery Co.Ltd.Headquarters in xi’an,the famous city with more than 3000 years history named chang’an in ancient times, was one of the four biggest ancient cities in the world,and the starting point of the ancient silk Road,lies in central china. SCMC is specialized in developing ,manufacturing,marketing and offering services of road machinery,construction machinery,bridge machinery and steel structure products.
        Founded in 1954,SCMCwas one of the five biggst steel stucture producters in china and now becomes the synonym of high efficiency and high quality based on our advanced equipments,qualified products,satisfactory services and experienced employees and contributes greatly to both domestic and overseas market for five decades.
        The paver finisher with the name of SCMC-ABG Titan 423,a sino-Germany joint produced bestselling product enjoys its biggst market share in china,along with the soil stabilizer and the series dumpers with the brand of “Sanjie”,were awarded the title of customer’s satisfactory products by China Quality Association.SCMC also produces such high-tech products as concrete slip-form pavers,modified bituminous plants,cold milling machines and rollers,serving and running in many construction sites of national key projects.For example,the famous paver finisher,T423 took part in the construction of many key projects like Beijing international Airport,Shanghai Hongqiao Airport,Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and many expressway projects all over china like Shanghai-Nanjing expressway,Beijing-Guangzhou expressway,Chengdu-Chonngqin  expressway,Xi’an-Baoji expressway,etc.
       The given awards of SCMC include following:National customer’s satisfatory enterprises,National advanced enterprises of quality management, and National advanced enterprises of technology innovation.SCMC also qualified the ISO9001:2000,ISO14001:1996,and OHSAS18001:1999.
We will adhere to the company philosoph that SCMC would cooperate and build a brighter future together with our friends and customers by our sincerity and efforts and we will develop our company spirit of never cease to reach outstanding achievements.
As the pioneer of Chinese manufacturer in construction machinery,we are expanding a wider development space.

Company Files
Company Name: Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd Company Type: Enterprise unit (Manufacturers , traders )
Area: Xi‘an Company Size:
Capital: NULL Registered Year: 2000
Certificates:   Enterprise information through theauthentication
Business Model: Manufacturers , traders
Business Scope: Machinery & Electronics
Machinery & Electronics
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