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Portable Muslim mini prayer mat
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goods: Portable Muslim mini prayer mat 
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Portable Muslim mini prayer mat

  Portable Muslim mini prayer mat with compass mixed colors hot selling

  Product Description


  Muslim mat feature

  All kinds of Muslim prayer rug,Islamic Prayer Mats,Printed Prayer rugs,Embroidery Prayer rugs and so on ,are all available for us.Factory Direct ,Superior Quality,and Competitive price.

  Our Advantage for Muslim prayer rug

  1.Big quality is not a problem for us to produce the Prayer Mat.

  2.We have thousands of samples and can be selected

  3.Any color can be done as customers 'requirement.

  4.Any design can be made following the customers' requirement.

  5.One of the most leading companies in China mainland,we welcome OEM&ODM

  Package &Shipment

  * Package

  300 pcs per waterproof compression bag


  Volume:0.070 CBM per bag

  Gross weight:20kgs per bag

  * Shipment

  We will send the goods about 7-20 days after receiving the payment

  We only ship to confirmed order addresses. Your order address MUST MATCH your Shipping address.

  SERVICE TRANSIT TIME is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays.

  After the package arrived at your local post office, please pay attention to it and get it.

  We accept DHL / EMS/ TNT /FedEx and so on, if you need us to send with other shipping way, please contact with us, thanks very much. 


  What can we do for you ?

  · We have imported advanced production lines and completed test equipment;

  · Perfect sales service system to support ODM&OEM services.

  · Support Service Private .Support customize width,color,weight,Support custom design;

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