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All kinds of textile raw materials, all kinds of yarns, grey fabric, bleached...

Company Profile
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Company Profile
   Shaanxi Qinyuan Textile Co., Ltd. established in 1985, is located in the textile industrial park of Changxing Town, Mei County. The company is a large-sized professional enterprise in production, sale and service. Covering about 6.7 hectares, it has staff of over one thousand and fixed assets of 200 million. The company owns 80000 spindles, 1000 weaving machines as well as blowing-carding frames, automatic winders and other sophisticated equipment. Besides, the company has imported 300 air-jet looms in 2014, with which the production capacity is greatly raised. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 the company achieved about 400 million industrial output with the production of 58 million meter piece goods and 8500 tons of yarns. Successively, the company was honored by the provincial government as “Outstanding Enterprise in Producing and Managing”, “Excellent Enterprise in Infrastructure Management”, “One of the Top 100 Enterprises” and ”Excellent Enterprise in Earning Foreign Exchange through Export”.
  The company mainly produces and sells T/C yarn, T/C grey fabric, bleach, dyed fabric, wax fabric, single-yarn drill, prints and lace of different specifications, which are widely used in fabric printing, dyeing, clothing, medicine and packaging. T/C products, as the company’s core products, have been sold to dozens of countries in recent years. Especially, they are in great demand in the Southeast Asia, the North Africa, the South Africa, the Middle East, European, the North America, the South America as well as the other areas worldwide.
  So far, the company has realized the integration of manufacturing with trading,which helps to bring about the continuously enlargement of market share. For many years, the company has been the top in earning foreign exchange through exports in the textile industry in Shaanxi province.
  We are always trying to meet clients’ various needs by improving the quality of products and service so as to make our-self develop to an international supplier in producing diverse fabrics.
Company Files
Company Name: SHAANXI QINYUAN TEXTILE CO., LTD Company Type: Enterprise unit (Manufacturers )
Area: Baoji Company Size: 500-999People
Capital: 5000万RMB Registered Year: 1985
Business Model: Manufacturers
Business Scope: All kinds of textile raw materials, all kinds of yarns, grey fabric, bleached fabric, dyeing fabric, garment fabric, cloth bags sales and export business
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