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GL-3000 Full Hydraulic Engineering Crawler Drilling Rig
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   GL-3000 Full Hydraulic Engineering Crawler Drilling Rig


  The Drilling Rig, model type GL-3000, is mainly applied for core drilling of geological exploration in tunnel(gallery). It can also be used for exploration and reinforcement constructions(including core drilling and standard penetration) of foundation works, such as road, railway, bridge, dam foundation and industrial & civil projects, etc. The feature of this machine is obvious: advanced direct-acting hydraulic system of load feedback tuning variables, with vertical rigs, powers head rotation and speedup display, wide range of speed and suitable for various drilling methods such as carbide bit drilling and diamond bit drilling etc, and is competent in wire-line core drilling. Dual-extension cylinder makes it suitable for anchor construction. For difficult geological situation, drilling with casing can be equipped with down hole hammer and casing drilling tool. The rig is functionally complete, easy to operate and powerful in solving accidents.


  High efficient and low power consumption since the power changes with load with direct-acting hydraulic system of load feedback turning variables;

  Quick and precise in hole defining and positioning with accurate vertical rig,power head rotation and speedup display device;

  Convenient and fast in traveling with crawler walking function;

  Easy regulation, wide speed range with high efficient fully hydraulic power head transmission and infinitely variable speed;

  Compact, ideal for tunnel(gallery) drilling.

  Main Specifications
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