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Xi'an Weikeduo Electrical & Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

General business scope: auto parts (excluding assembly) research and developm...

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Xi'an Wei Keduo Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. The main business scope for the metallurgical machinery, high-speed gear box, hardened gear reducer. High-speed wire rod, bar, special steel rolling mill production line design, production, sales and installation; As well as for the aviation, steel, oil, electricity, coal mining machinery to provide intelligent re-manufacturing laser quenching, welding, cladding supporting processing, surface corrosion and wear-resistant alloy protective processor full set of technology development, services and applications. Crack detection of the equipment and spare parts, CMM measure and Gear detection. Products through the ISO9001 certification, the use of "Hangji" registered trademark of Shaanxi famous brand, with more than 10 patented technology, the establishment of a complete research and development, production and quality assurance system for high-tech enterprises.
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