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LED Explosion-proof Lamp
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goods: LED Explosion-proof Lamp 
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    Brand Model : Number BLEDD4-50(80/100/120)
  Material: Aluminum alloy
  Minimum: 20
  Technical Index
  Voltage: 220V
  Power: 50W/80W/100W/120W
  IP grade: IP65
  Ex-mark: Exdll CT6Gb
  Anti-corrosion class:WWF1
  outside diameter of cable(mm):φ10~φ14
  service entrance (thread): G3/4
  service conditions:
  The ambient pressure is 86~106KPa.
  Environment temperature is -20~+40℃.
  RH(relative air humidity) is not higher than 85% when the temperature is +25℃.
  It applies to explosive gas or steamy environment in zone 1 and 2, ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡC T1~T6 group.
  The working situation have no corrosive gas of effect insulation and destroy metal, steamy and dust concentrated areas.
  In a place free of violent shake or impact vibration.
  In a place where immersion into other liquid can be prevented.
  Pollution degree 3.
  Installation type Ⅱ.
  Usage: BLEDD4 series LED explosion-proof lamp applies to zone 1 and 2, ⅡA、ⅡB 、ⅡC type T1~T6 group explosive gas or steamy environment with AC50Hz, rated voltage 220V and rated power below 120W for lighting in workshops, warfares, ports, wharfs and hydropower stations.