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LED Flameproof Tunnel Lamp (Square)
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goods: LED Flameproof Tunnel Lamp (Square) 
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      Product: LED Flameproof Tunnel Lamp(Square)
    Model Number: DGS50(70)/127L(C)
  Material: aluminum alloy
  Weight: 10.8Kg
  Minimum: 20
     Customize: o Yes o No
  Technical Index
      1. Supply voltage: AC127
  2. Power: 50W/70W
  3. Illumination: >100
  4. Ex-mark: ExdlMb
  5. Dimensions: 358X298X237mm
  6. Security NO.:MAH130132/MAH130133
      (1)Long service life ,high illumination and strong shock resistance with LED light source.
  (2)Unique heat dissipation techniques and long service life, free of maintenance.
  (3)Simple installation and easy to operate.
  (4)Complete protection and constant power, safe and reliable.
  (5)Superior performance and energy efficient.
  Usage: It applies to lighting in coalmine underground roadway subject to methane or coal-dust explosion risk.
      1. .The ambient temperature should not be higher than -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃,and pressure is 0.8~1.1×10Pa
  2. Altitude does not exceed 2000m.
  3. Average monthly relative humidity of the ambient air is less than 95% (25 ℃).
  4. It is applicable to areas subject to methane or coal dust explosion risks.
  5. It can be used in the complete insulating gas or steaming environment.