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Aluminum Piston Ring

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Update: 2016-12-14
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      Under conditions of high temperature and high pressure, to resist high speed friction of piston ring, the Ni-Cu austenite ring carrier that casted in piston of high power engine need to be similar in thermal expansivity(22×10-6W/m·℃)of aluminum matrix, meantime which should be dipped into melt aluminum when inlay casting ,so as to realize bonding with largest area and supreme strength.
      To the ring carrier made by continuous cast Ni-Cu austenite iron hollow bar, the exposed graphite area of that is 6-7% , which reduce 40% in exposed graphite area compare with centrifugal casting (10-11% ), and the bonding thickness increased 4-5 times, so the comprehensive bond strength increased over 50%.
The mechanical and physical property of concast ring carrier
Tensile Strength
Bending Strength
Modulus of elasticity
Linear Expansivity×10-6 W/m·℃
Measured Results
Industrial Standard
        The material utilization of centrifugal tube to make ring carrier is 25-30% only, but if made by continuous cast tube, the material utilization can reach over 50% . And if further by 4-wings concast tube, the utilization can reach 70%, which save nickel, copper cost a lot.

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