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Tungsten Products

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Brand: NUll
Area: Baoji
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Update: 2015-02-02
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Company Profile

Baoji Boxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R & D and produce Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium, Vanadium, Cobalt, Indium, Hafnium, Stannum, Chromium and related alloys in form of plate, strip, foil, bar, rod, wire, pipe, crucible, sputtering target, machining part, as well as heat elements, heat insulation screens, furnace bodies and corrosion-resistant equipments.
 Tungsten products (purity;99.95%):
1. Main forms
1)        Plate & sheet, strip and foil
2)        bar & rod, pipe & tube,wire, targets
3)        tungsten electrode
4)        machining parts and deep processing(e.g. boats, crucibles, machining parts )
5)        heating bodies,heat shields, heat oven, annealing
   2. Brief introduction of main products
1) Tungsten plate, strip and foil
Designation: W1,W2
Technical condition:
GB3875      (Chinese standard for tungsten plate)
ASTM B760  (American standard for tungsten plate, sheet, foil and strip)
Application: electron, aviation, aerospace, electric light, electron- vacuum, heating bodies and heat shields, molybdenum boat and crucibles etc.
2) Tungsten and tungsten alloy bar
Technical condition:   GB4187  GB4186
Application: being widely used in spaceflight, aerospace electric vacuum, electron, metallurgy of rare earth and smelting of glass.
3) Tungsten wire
Technical condition:   GB4181
Application: being widely used in the field of electron vacuum machining parts, electric light source, wire-electrode cutting etc.

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