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Soybean Extract

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 Soybean Extract



  Product name :soybean extract

  Specification: Daidzein 98%

    CAS NO.: 486-66-8

  Latin name:Glycine max. (L.)merr

    Molecular Formula: C15H10O4



  Function :

  1 Prevent cancer, inhibit tumor, lower the rish of cancers;

  2 Lower cholesterol, reduce chances of a heart attack, prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases;

  3 Relieve women’s menopause syndrome , prevents osteoporosis;

  4 Protect human body from free radical damage, improve immune system.

  5 Nourish stomach and spleen, protect nervous system;

  6 Reduce cholesterin thickness in human body , prevent and cure cardiovascular disease;


  1.Protect from osteoporosis;

  2.Enhance immune function;

  3.Lower cholesterol levels;

  4.Reduce the risk of hormone;

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