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Stephania Tetrandra Extract

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Stephania Tetrandra Extract




   Product name :Stephania Tetrandra Extract

  Specification: Tetrandrine 98%

  CAS NO.: 518-34-3

  Latin name:Stephania Tetrandra



  Molecular Formula: C38H42N2O6

  Function : Seed Extract Powder Gossypol Acetae

  1. Stephania Tetrandra Extract are used to Inhibit platelet aggregation and spasm;

  2. Stephania Tetrandra Extract are used to have Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and sedative effect;

  3. Stephania Tetrandra Extract To protect liver;

  4. To regulat immune function;

  5. Stephania Tetrandra Extract For Arthralgia caused by winddampness, with redness, edema and hot pain of joints, it is often used with coix seed (Semen Coicis) and tale(Talcum); for arthralgia caused by wind-cold-dampness, the herb is used with ledebouriella root, pubescent angelica root and aconite root;

  6. Stephania Tetrandra Extract For edema caused by wind-dampness, difficult urination, diaphoresis and aversion of wind, it is often used in combination with astragalus root (Radix Astragali seu Hedysari) to dispel the wind, reinforce the Qi and alleviate edema;

  7. Stephania Tetrandra Extract To anti-angina, anti-tumor and anti-hypertensive;

  8. Stephania Tetrandra Extract To treat leukemia, nerve pain, heart disorders and other diseases.

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