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XDL-1200 Track Type Full-hydraulic Core Drilling

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Update: 2016-12-14
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   XDL-1200 Track Type Full-hydraulic Core Drilling


  The XDL-1200 track type full hydraulic core drilling for core drilling with diamond bit. It is a representative model with tracklayer mainly for medium and deep core drilling. This machine has many patented technologies, and has remarkable characteristics in the aspect of raising and falling drills speed, the hole bottom pressure control, as well as in the parameter to display and control.


  The new main windlass hydraulic disc brake (Patent technology);

  The first drilling control system of constant pressure (Patent technology);

  Automatic drilling sounding system (Patent technology);

  Powerful dynamic parameter display control system (Patent technology);

  Crane anti-collision system (Patent technology);

  Key components adopt imported famous brand (Patent technology);

  Mast height 10m, handle pipe length 6m;

  Research and development of constant pressure control system with drilling, set automatic constant pressure drilling and improve drilling efficiency, ensure the quality of hole;

  Research and development of crown crash-proof system;

  Equipped with vice winding sounding system;

  Power head gear adopts hydraulic transmission methods, can realize stepless speed in a certain range, and is equipped with high speed;

  Drilling rig hydraulic system main components adopt imported brand, general components choose domestic well-known brand, system is stable, reliable and long service life;

  Using direct acting load feedback fine-tuning variable hydraulic system, power changing with load,high efficiency, low energy consumption, the system has get successful application on our XL-50 drill;

  Equipped with a powerful head turning speed, engine monitoring device such as a digital display.

  Main Specifications

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