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Single-lamp DLP Projecting Unit( Series XGA)

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Update: 2016-12-14
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Single-lamp DLP Projecting Unit( Series XGA) 

Specification: 50 inch, 60 inch, 67 inch

Box type, intelligent brightness digital regulation, color range balance control technology, clear and stable image, high compatibility of color and brightness, anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-dust, easy to clean, no deformation, light and beautiful.  

The chip used in projection unit of HY-DX5 series is 0.7" LVDS DMD display chip, and its resolution is 1024*768.  Such unit adopts TI BrilliantColorTM technology and color wheel adopts colorful design with surface coating to increase expressive force of color, so the brightness, contrast, definition, color rendition, and image uniformity  reach  to  top  level  in  the  world.  At  the  respect  of image treatment, 3D Comb Filtering technology is  helpful  for  elimination  of  sawtooth  at  dynamic  video  image  edge  to  make  the image more clearer and finer. Furthermore, the DSC adopted can regulate finely  the  7-color  range (RGBCMYW) and  the gain inequality of compound color to inhibit the color difference in order to ensure the brightness highly lines with the  uniformity.  And  the intelligent brightness digital regulation technology avoids the hot spot by digital correction, and the all screens  from  single  to  whole achieve uniform brightness to keep high compatibility of brightness and uniformity.

What's more, such projection unit is single lamp/twin lamp series and adopts intelligent lamp parameter storage technology to  ensure the compatibility of color and brightness after replacement, meanwhile this unit has internal image  governor  to  make  the  display  of image have higher compatibility and stability. The twin-lamp series has hot backup function and several working modes, such as using the single lamp one by one or using twin lamps at the same time. 

The case for this projection unit adopts module structure design. The special design ability and modularized production can guarantee the safety and stability after installation. The design of case ensures all of the wirings hide inside. The physical joint between screens is ≤0.5mm due to adopt frameless structure. The good heat radiation performance is guaranteed for professional anti-dust/radiation design so that the cases and surfaces of screens can inform as heating of device. 
Adopt long-life UHP lamp with low loss which can be used over 8000 hours, and such lamp has low failure rate, and the average no-failure time is above 20000 hours.
 zero scan line, no flashing
 XGA high resolution  
 compatible formate: UXGA and HDTV 
 superior brightness and contrast 
 No need to calibrate the image and no deformation 
 long service life 
 real image and super-wide visual angle 
 low loss without radiation 
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