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Small size, high revolution, high quality machining, double-table, moving column and high performance
• New (X, Y axes) servo improves machining accuracy.
• Machine with 30# tool shank has the highest Spindle speed (22,000min-1) * .
• Additional two axes control makes single rotation and double rotation dividing head available.
•With Z-axis thermal deformation compensation and no need of pre-heating.
Note: * is optional.
20% Increase of Production Efficiency 
Cutting and non-cutting time reduces sharply comparing with that in previous model, the maximum machining speed is within this scope, which increases 20% of production efficiency comparing with previous mode of Brother Ltd
Multiple Processes with High Efficiency 
A new set of double-arm ATC has the tool storage capacity of 18 and even 26 (optional). However, the previous ATC has only 10 or 14 (optional). Furthermore, two axes linkage control function is also added in the machine, which can be available for multi-face machining. With these functions, machine can be applicable to high strength machining line and multi-process, in addition, it is also applicable to the production line that needs a fewer operators and has higher accuracy for the fixture.
Two Type of Programming
In addition to favorable dialogue programming, this machine has added NC language on the same system that is changed via switch to meet different user’s requirements for programming.
Innovative Z-axis Heat Washing Compensation System 
The stable machining accuracy generally requires sufficient idling time. The new system is installed for this purpose, thus no idling time is needed.
New CNC Function 
By attaching importance to coordination between operator and machine, the simple CNC function is developed to maximize the capacity of machine tool.
1. Improve the circular interpolation accuracy via high speed response servo control at high speed machining.                                                            
2. Zero-point measurement function can detect the position (or height) of clamped workpiece and position modification value before machining.
3. Computer remote control function allows operator for remote operation, sending and receiving the program and parameter, which will be monitored via computer.
4. The variable calculation function that is equivalent to micro (CNC language spec.).
5. NC language mode makes it possible to control the service life of tool and registration of vacant tool.

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