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MMO Expanded Mesh Anode

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Update: 2017-01-18
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MMO Expanded Mesh Anode


  The MMO Expanded Mesh Anode is usually used for the sea dock, parking lot, reinforced concrete structure, bridge floor & pier and floor control dam, etc., the expected life could be 20 years.

  Specification:1.10m x 76m

  Current Output:18.8mA/m2

  Diamond Dimensions(mm):34 x 76 x 0. 64

  Expected Life (Y):75

  Elade Technology Co.,Ltd developes Ru, Ir series anodes which are applicable for various cathodic protection coating systems. There are various shapes of wire, ribbon, plate, bar, tube, mesh and the tube anode. The products are sold well to 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. In 2006 the products entered the international market. The products have been widely applied to cathodic protection such as the national oil reserves, the Shengli Olifield, North China Oilfield, Daqing Olifield, West-East Gas Pipeline project.

  Titanium Substrate

  Meet ASTM standard B265 Grade 1 or Grade 2



  Reinforced concrete structure;

  Bridge floor and bridge pier;

  Parking lot;

  Flood control dam;

  The dock.


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