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Tubular anode

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 Tubular anode

  Tubular anode is used for the soil, fresh water, sea water and mud, or the other natural environments, it could be used alone or make it a string. Various tubular anode available as requested.

  Outer Diameter (mm):19

  Length (mm):1200

  Output Current (A/m):7.2

  Expected life (year):20

  Titanium Substrate

  Meet ASTM standard B338 Grade 1 or Grade

  Tubular Anode Parameter

  Tubular Anode Applications

  ◆ The tubular anode can be made singly or in strings.

  ◆ Suit for all natural environments, such as: soil, fresh water, sea water, mud.

  ◆ The current output depends on the anode dimension, substrate, applications and design lifetime.


  ◆ High current output and low electrical resistance.

  ◆ Using tubular anodes can save 15-35% of install cost comparing to use other anodes.

  ◆ Anode-cable assemblies are easy to handle, transport and install because of their unique flexibility.

  Cushion packaging + wooden cases, or as per clients' requirement.

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