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Wire Anode

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  Wire Anode

MMO Wire Anode is mainly used for Continuous horizontal anode ground bed, incontinuous vertical ground surface, Ground storage equipment, Underground storage equipment, Cable protection, Water storage vessels, and Water treatment equipment, etc. Highlight is the high gas evolution potential.

Titanium Substrate



The dimension and parameter can be designed according to customer's request.

Wire Anode Application

Canistered anodes

Continuous horizontal ground bed

Discontinuous vertical ground bed

Above ground storage tanks

Underground storage tanks

Electric cable shielding

Water storage tanks

Water treatment equipment

The biggest advantage of the MMO Titanium Wire Anode is the high gas evolution potential, basically no gas evolution at the cathodic protection potential (protection potential at -850 Mv, generally preferable to -1.2 V, vs. CSE, relative to the Cu/saturated and CuSO4 reference electrode), which eliminates the security risks. It also has other advantages such as low current density, superior power saving, excellent stability, strong combination of coating and substrate and long working life.

Another of our unique advantage in titanium anode is the preparation of the raw material, which is specially developed by the three generations of engineers based on the practical working conditions. We have self-owned technology to create the anode active additive for Ruthenium compounds, Iridium compounds and Platinum compounds specially used for the anode field. We also cooperate with BAOTI Group, Western Metal Materials and BAO Steel Group to produce the Titanium material for anode based on the international criteria, the whole process is well controlled during smelting, ingot casting and rolling plate. This titanium material has higher corrosion potential, the surface is not easy to harden which increase the coating times on the substrate and then reduce the cost. We have taken the more advanced technologies of Electrostatic Coating, Isothermal Pressure and Special Gas Bias to ensure even coatings, by which the activity and longevity are assured.

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