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LED Coal Mine Explosion-proof Lamp

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Brand: NUll
Area: Weinan
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Update: 2016-12-14
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      Product: LED Coal mine Explosion-proof Lamp
  Model Number: DGS2*10/2*15/127L(A)
    Material: aluminum alloy
  Weight: 6.2Kg
  Minimum: 20 
      Customize o Yes o No
  Technical Index
      1. Power:30W/20W
  2. Input Voltage:127V
  3. Illumination (at the 3-meter position):>10
  4. Light Angel:180º
  5. Size:744×300×135mm
  Applications Scope: Temperature of Environment:-20℃~40℃
      (1)Led light source, high illuminance and strong shock resistance;
  (2)Unique heat dissipation techniques, long service life and free maintenance;
  (3)The shells are interchangeable with the traditional flameproof fluorescent lamps, easy to install and operate.
  (4)Input voltage ranges from AC60-300V.
  (5)With high illumination, 80% energy can be saved in comparison with incandescent lamps.
  (6)It is characterized by complete protection and constant power, thus being safe and reliable.
  (7)It is equipped with superior performance, energy efficient and patented technology.
  Usage: The DGS series roadway lamp apply to lighting in coalmine underground roadway subject to methane or coal-dust explosion risk, petroleum, chemical, mining and tunnel included.

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