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Titanium Trekking Sticks, Titanium Alloy Walking Stick, Ti Hiking Poles

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Update: 2016-02-23
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 Titanium alpenstock
[Material] titanium alloy tube: Telescopic rod made of titanium alloy tube, and the height can be arbitrarily adjusted.
[Size] total length: 130cm, after fold: 65cm
[Weight] 0.38kg
[Product accessories] titanium alloy cane, flashlight, compass, nylon rope, ski circle
1 Handle: The T-angle is suitable for men's hand, sturdy, durable, more comfortable, non-slip design.
2. Stick pole is divided into three sections, and can be pulled up to 1.4 meters or reduced to 0.65 m.
3 Ski circle: Ski circle can prevent alpenstock caught in the mud, while when climb through many thorns shrubs environment, ski circle would hinder the action of convenience, so pay attention to that the ski circle which can quickly removable will not cause troubles.
4 spring suspension designs can reduce the impact of the wrist, arm and shoulder.
5. An indispensable tool of mountaineering, hiking, tourism, and other outdoor activities.


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