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Update: 2016-12-27
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KB082-5011X-02 is embedded rubber keyboard which specialized for harsh environment . Which adopt to 86+3 button layout, backlight keys, ergonomic design.08911-02-OEM is the keyboard with high reliability and good operation feeling.

Main features:

High quality silicone buttons, 82 chocolate button layout, suitable for ergonomic button surface micro concave design

Waterproof, dustproof, anti electromagnetic interference, with strong anti - destructive performance, adapt to work in extremely harsh environment

Able to achieve fast, accurate data input without noise

8 level adjustable backlight, excellent backlight uniformity

Switch technology: conductive carbon particles, surface precipitation gold PCB

The panel adopts industrial grade silica gel and the shell adopts aviation aluminum material

Optional PS2/USB interface

Electrical parameters:

Working voltage DC 5V + 5%

Operating current:50mA (non backlight work); 300mA (backlight work)

Backlight adjustment:One key loop regulation, 8 files can be adjusted

Environmental adaptability:

Perating temperature: -40 DEG C ~ +70 C

Storage humidity: -40 C ~ +85 C

Relative humidity: 30% ~ 90% (sealed installation)

Dustproof, waterproof level: NEMA4/IP67

EMC standards: GJB152A

Vibration: meet GJB150.16A-2009

Impact: meet GJB150.18A-2009

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