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Cylinder Liner

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Update: 2016-12-15
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       The cast iron hollow bar with thin wall made by “upward continuous casting” could be used in making dry cylinder liner for combustion engine, which will improve the material utilization rate from 20-30% to 50%-60% comparing with centrifugal casting technique.
       The cooling speed of thin wall concast tube is 5 times than centrifugal cast tube, so it’s extremely compact in metallographic structure. When adding elements of Boron, Phosphorus, the phase hardening of boride, steadite etc spread like shape of fishbone or pane in matrix, meantime there are tiny graphite flake inlayed the phase hardening, which lead to the hardness of material reach to HB260-300 and the wear resist improved, but the turning resistance isn’t increased. Because of the features “medium hardness, free machining”, the working life of cylinder liner is multiplied compare to traditional products.  
       The cylinder liner made by continuous cast ductile iron hollow bar has achieved better performance in high-grade engines compare over grey iron liners, which is successful to apply in engines of military vehicle, racing car, yacht and kart. The working life of cylinder liner (ADI&CADI) made by concast hollow bar could be over 50,000 KM

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