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TOPT-200FR Falling Film Photoreactor

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Update: 2016-12-09
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   TOPT-200FR Falling Film Photoreactor
  Photochemical reactor/ photochemical reaction apparatus / the synthesis via the photo chemistry is a commonly applied method. Organic synthesises often succeed only due to the radiation with UV-light or will be speeded up. Photochemical reactions are often run at room temperature and so they are gentler than other thermal pro-cesses. Photoreactors have a wide range of application, e.g. in synthesis,analysis and waste water treatment.

  Construction of the Falling Film Photoreactor The radiation vessel is the main compo-nent of the reactor. It has a capacity of approx. 200 ml and distinguish by the silver coated high vacuum jacket with side strips and tempering jacket. Coo-ling tube and immersion tube, both made of quartz glass, are located in the radiation vessel. The circulation is effected by the forced circulation pump "System TOPT ", which is controlled by a control unit. Delivery consists of four supply vessels with volumes of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml, as well as a low temperature thermometer for low temperature ranges between -30 °C and + 100 °C and small pieces.

  The following advantages:

  ■An effective circulation of the liquid to be radiated inside the reactor.

  ■Due to the falling film principle, an intensive radiation is reached.

  ■Only a small liquid volume is necessary.

  ■Operations in low temperature range ensure more application facilities.

  ■Used materials Borosilicate glass 3.3, quartz glass and plastic parts of PTFE.

  Photochemical reaction apparatus/Photochemical reactor Technical data:

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