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Welding Roll-over Work-table

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 Welding Roll-over Work-table

  1 Usage and Technical Parameter
  Welding Roll-over work-table is used to weld three sides of the power capacitor, operated at double working positions, the suitable size of the operating table at each working position is 400 mm×1200 mm. Each equipment is provided with two sets of 36V low pressure power supply control cabinets of solder irons.
  2 Brief Introduction of Structure and Performance
  (1) Core Side Turning Mechanism: Used to roll over welding-table top to perpendicular position, so as to ensure welding sides of over-rolled cores be placed in horizontal position, and finish welding the cores by the operators.
  (2) Core Transmission Table: Used to revolve capacitor cores horizontally and roll over it to the welding position by fitting together with the welding-table. The side turning mechanism of cores at level position is even with the table. All working tables are stainless steel sheets laid in with universal coupling to ensure cores move quickly and conveniently.
  (3) Solder Irons Cabinet: Used to control low pressure power supply of solder irons. The upper part has iron support, which is able to put three electric solder irons in the meantime.

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