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CP Ti6al4v Titanium Bar,Ti alloy Rod stock producer,wholesale

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Titanium bar
1. Grade:
Gr1, gr2, gr5
Grade 1: Pure titanium.
Grade 2: Pure titanium. (the most used)
Grade 5: Titanium alloy. (the most used)
2. Standard:
 ASTM f67, ASTM f136, ASTM b348, AMS 4928.
ASTM f67 & ASTM f136: Medical using.
ASTM b348: Industry or other fields using.
AMS 4928: Usually be used in military or aerospace.
3. Production description:
Surface: Polished
Diameter: 2~50mm
Length: 1000~2000mm
Shape: Round, square, hexagon.
Material: Pure titanium or titanium alloy.
Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05mm or +/-0.03mm.
4. Features:
Low density, high specific strength, excellent corrosive resistance, rustless, good thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, biological features, plasticity, etc.
5. Applications:
Medical using: Surgical implants, artificial bones, artificial teeth, etc.
Industry using: Mechanical equipment, plating equipment, etc.
Other using: All kinds of precision parts, etc.
6. Our comparative advantages:
Advanced detection equipment such as: Ultrasonic flaw detection, infra-red apparatus, turbine detector
Considerate after-service
Competitive price under the same industries
Test report with 3rd party:
Baoti test center physical and chemical test report for consigned text,; Physics and chemistry inspection center for western metal materials Co., Ltd.


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