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Anion Health Water Saving Shower Head

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  Skin Apple anion health water saving shower heads spec:

  1.Material : PC (Polycarbonate)

  2.Possible water pressure & temperature : -0.5 Kg ~ 5.0 Kg/Cm2 / 0 ~ 75 oC

  3.Shower Plate structure

  -Micro small hole (0.2mm)

  -Plate material is stainless steel

  4.Shower plate spec.

  - Diameter : 9cm

  - Hole numbers : 357 EA

  5.Sediment Filter Life Time

  - About 2 ~ 4 Months (life time depends on each circumstance)

  Product Features:

  1.Anion Shower

  -The micro holes make big quantity Negative Ion by Lenard Effect(Waterfall Effect)

  : About 433,200/cc

  * Lenard Effect :

  The Lenard effect is a phenomenon where negatively charged electricity is generated

  when water droplets collide with each other or with a wetted solid in a place where water

  splashes such as a waterfall or fountain.

  2. Increase water pressure up to 2 times over

  => So good for low water pressure country (area)

  3.Water saving ability & function :

  water saving rate is average 60 ~ 70% according to water supplying conditions

  4. three Steps Filter processing

  1)Sediment Filter : Remove dust, soil and pipe rust etc.

  2)Calcium Sulfite ball in the filter : Anti-Chlorine (Chlorine free)

  3)Ceramic ball in the head : Anti-Bacteria

  5.Hose connection screw of handle is 15 degree and Shower head is compatible for all

  Size shower hose. ( international standard spec)

  6.Transparent shower handle can check filter status.

  7. Good for Skin care, skin moisturizing, Hair loss prevention and Atopy etc.

  because of smooth water.


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