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Dynamic Electrocardiogram Remote Analysis System

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Brand: Landcom 
Minimum: 1 set 
Total Supply: 100 set
Delivery Term: Days After the Payment
Seat: Xianyang
Validity to: Long-term effective
Update: 2017-01-18
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Company Profile

Product Details
   Dynamic Electrocardiogram Remote Analysis System

  (Internet Version)

System Profile

Dynamic ECG remote network analysis system software is designed by Xi'an Landcom, which is aimed at meeting the needs of medical institutions like community hospitals, township hospitals and clinics, etc. It is designed for improving ECG information of remote analysis patients, and is based on Landcom SupHolter dynamic electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis system. The software can realize transmission of case data on the Internet . The patient's ECG data can be transferred to the Central Hospital via the Internet transmission, then distal center hospital specialist analyzes ECG data of patients, and gives the corresponding ECG reports. Patients eventually get ECG reports via the Internet.

The system realizes the ECG data can be transmitted via the Internet, and it is more convenient for the patients, than traditional way like mailing recorder or flash memory card to transmit ECG data.

The advantage of the system compared with traditional Holter analysis system: Based on C / s and B / S structure, it fits the complex network environment of hospital ; All the data is saved in the ECG server end, to ensure that ECG data can be shared with other departments; it can realize that ECG data uploads automatically and downloads between the central hospital,community hospital and clinic , to reduce manual operation; After community hospital or clinic medical personnel doing ECG acquisition , patients’ ECG data is uploaded to the ECG server via the system, and ECG experts from Central Hospital do the subsequent analysis and diagnosis.

HOLTER remote analysis software is an important part of the system. The main functions: ECG data downloading, ECG data analysis and ECG report uploading. It can be divided into two large divisions from the overall performance: network transmission and ECG analysis.

System Architecture


System Composition

This system is composed of three parts.

1) ECG Data Acquisition Terminal: clinic client software and ECG acquisition module (one end connected to the computer USB port, one end of the lead wire);

2) ECG Data Analysis: Center hospital expert physician HOLTER analysis software;

3) Cloud Data Server: ECG data server and user rights management;

System Characteristics

█ Dynamic electrocardiogram medical data transmission and management system based on Internet platform;

█ Realize the sharing of ECG data;

█ Medical staff and patients can collect data nearby, and transfer case data and download analysis report through the Internet, thus it can effectively improve diagnosis and management of medium-scale hospital, small hospital and community hospital;

█ Analysis procedure adopts two ways, automatic analysis and grid analysis to ensure that the analysis is accurate and effective;

█ In the analysis, each heart beat classifies according to template and displays instantaneous heart rate trends dynamically;

█ A retrospective function with 24 hour total information;

█ It has the analysis and processing function of 3 lead /12 lead 24 hours ST-T migration, and it can display real-time ST-T displacement and shape;

█ Provide the 3 lead /12 lead 24 hours ST-T displacement trend chart according to the minute statistics;

█ HRV analysis which complies with international standards, provides three analysis methods including time domain, frequency domain and nonlinear and multiple analyses indexes.

Main Technical Index

Computer Systems:

Minimum Computer Configuration:

CPU:Pentium4 2.0GHz above

RAM:2GB above

USB:1 above

Serial Port:2 above

Graphics Card: Direct X 9 above compatible graphics card, 128MB memory above (NVIDIA 6800 above or better / ATIX850 above or better)

Display: a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels above, 32 bit color display;

Operating System: Windows XP SP3、Windows Vista、Windows 7 higher versions (installing Direct X 9.0C above), Windows Vista、Windows 7 operating system, and ensure that the administrator runs the program.


Laser Printer (resolution: 600dpi; print memory≥2M)

System Software Introduction

5-1:System Login Interface:Network administrators manage the doctors who collect ECG data and center hospital experts and assign accounts and passwords.

After entering the account number and passwords, you can click "login" button to enter the software operation. Computer clients of ECG data acquisition doctors and center hospital experts are respectively installed the software.



  5-1 System Login Interface

5-2 Upload ECG Data:Doctors who collect ECG data use Landcom ECG data equipment to collect ECG data of patients and upload the data to the cloud server, and ensure the integrity and security of the data.


  5-2 Upload ECG Data

5-3 ECG Data Analysis / Report Uploading:Expert computer client software automatically prompts new data information, and use the "24 hour ambulatory ECG recording and analysis system” to analyze patient's ECG data and then make a diagnosis report and upload analysis report to the “cloud data server” end.


  5-3 24 Hour Ambulatory ECG Recording and Analysis System

5-4 ECG Data Acquisition Terminal Hospital’s Doctors Read the Report:

When the patient's ECG report is uploaded, the doctor in the ECG data collection terminal can browse the patient reports information in the uploaded report list, and the final diagnosis and recommendation report will be printed and delivered to the patient.


  5-4 Read the Report

5-5 Hospital Expert Analysis End View Patient Information Interface:

Including: patient's name, and the corresponding ECG data.\Holter\Ecg\*.ecg; ECG status is set as that data has been read; current state of patients condition information; community hospital name where the patients stay; recorder number is user’s register number. recorder models can be marked by the number, 3 lead, 12 lead recorder, 3 lead SD1,12 lead SD1, new 3 lead, new 12 lead can be marked currently; test date.


  5-4 Patient Interface Information

5-5 Grid Shape Analysis:Grid shape analysis is a analysis mode of compatible original DOS version and original windows version program , with the advantage of the previous version. Calculate heart rate and form rate trend chart, you can directly modify heart beat on the trend chart, and the template, the compression ECG bar,ECG segments show and modify operation are improved, can be on the same page.


  5-5 Grid Shape Analysis

5-6 Heart Rate Turbulence


  5-6 Heart Rate Turbulence

5-7 Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation:Atrial fibrillation or flutter analysis method is based on the cardiac RR interval variability, by setting the parameters, you can be adjust analysis sensitivity. After modifying the parameters, click “rescan” button, here atrial fibrillation results are reanalyzed only. Above heart rate trend diagram, red fragments are AF / AFL fragments. AF / AFL record is the result of automatic analysis, after the doctor confirmed, the corresponding information will generate in the report and the conclusions.


  5-7 Analysis of Atrial Fibrillation

5-8 Sleep Apnea Syndrome:Users can see whether there is interruption of breathing according to the hour breathing curve compression diagram, click breathing intermitting position, you can view a larger version. You can diagnose whether the patient has bottom ventilation or respiratory arrest according to the enlargement; In Hour respiration curve compression diagram, you can right-click to choose a certain hour breathing curve compression graph in the night, it also displays electrocardiogram (ECG) in the time. Click the breathing curve compression diagram, 2-minute breathing curve will be called out.


5-8 Sleep Apnea Syndrome

5-9 T Wave Alternans:General initial T wave alternans spectrum is from the first stroke to start finding that conforms to TWA data, and then displays the heart rate histogram and T wave alternans spectrum. The user can click rate trends to observe the spectrum of patients, if there is data in line with TWA conditions and different from the last data, from the position of clicking to statistics, the following heart rate histogram and T wave alternans spectrum will change accordingly, otherwise the following heart rate histogram and T wave electric alternating spectrum will remain the last results and be unchanged.


  5-9 T Wave Alternans

5-10 HRV :Heart rate variability is a new technology developed in recent years. It reveals the characteristics and rules of change of cardiac rhythm, provides a new means to evaluate the relationship between autonomic nervous system function and heart beat. Analysis of heart rate variability in nature is Sinus form irregular heartbeat analysis. Holter system integrated the HRV analysis method of the literatures in recent years, provides dozens of HRV index, and provides a powerful tool for clinical operation personnel of scientific research and clinical diagnosis.HRV analysis is divided into three major types, the time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis and nonlinear analysis.


  5-10 HRV

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